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Korean War Ended 67 Years Ago
27 July
After 3 years fighting, Korean war ended in 27 July 1953. The  courage and support of Turkish soldiers in this war has never been forgotten .

When  Turkish soldiers  sailed  from Iskenderun horbour to  Korea where thousans of kilometers  away from their own country, the  date was 17 September 1950. 5.083 soldiers were sent to Korea, our brother country, to help them in their difficult times.

Koreans named every force joining the war and Kutup Yıldızı (Pole star) was the name of Turkish soldiers
.Throughout the war Turkish soldiers showed great courage and heroness so that many years after Korean war , In Korean people’s eyes Kutup Yıldızı  became the symbol of thankfulness.

The war lasted for three years  and 23.000 Turkish soldiers were on duty while  721 were dead during the fighting.

The war was remembered  by the movie “Ayla”

It has been many long years since the the war is over .Recently people remembered those awful  days by the movie “Ayla” based on a true story.

In the movie we watch  a loving and caring relation  between a Turkish Soldier and  a five year old girl who lost her family in the war.
Turkish soldier ,Süleyman Dilbirliği, found  her  in the  battle field and named  “Ayla” as he thought  she had a beautiful face like moon.In Turkish “moon” means  “Ay”. He loved her so much and took care of her as is his own child that he  wanted to take her to his country as his daughter  but he couldn’t get  any  permission  for  this.
60 years passed and these two met again . No need to say , the story is really emotional.

The movie was  loved and  watched by  over 5 million  people in  the cinemas. After movie’s great success there hasn’t been long time,  Süleyman Dilbirliği died.

The tie between Turkey and Korea is so strong that even now  Koreans and Turkish people  see each other as brothers...

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