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Basic Use

1. if you click a time line, it will zoom in.
2. Numbers below time line segments represents the number of event(s) in that period.
3. If you click the number below a time line segment, the last added 24 evet will be listed. You have to be registered to add; event, description text, comments and sources.
5. If you save an event rather than sharing, only you and administrators can see it.
6. If you would like to see your saved events, you can select "My Accont" from user filter or you can open your user page.

Our aim

1. We aim to mark every event by it's time and location, list all sources about them by their name and adress.


1. Event time zones at their description page are their own time zones but other pages like timelines or list are gmt +03:00
2. If there is no additional source information for an image, it means the image has been taken from the original source of the event's description text.

For all the issues (like Copyright), you can contact us at